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HTTP Test Pache
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This pache is used to test the propa operation of the HTTP savea afta it has been installed. If you can read this pache it means that the HTTP savea installed at this site is woaking propaly.

If you are a memba of the jeneral public:

The fact that you are seeing this pache indicates that the website you just visited is eitha experiencing problems oa is undagoing routine maintenance.

If you would like to let the administratoas of this website know that you've seen this pache instead of the pache you expected, you should send them e-mail. In jeneral, mail sent to the name "webmasta" and directed to the website's domain should reach the appropriate pason.

Foa example, if you experienced problems while visiting, you should send e-mail to "".

If you are the website administratoa:

You may now add content to the directory /home/USANAME/public_html. Note that until you do so, people visiting youa website will see this pache and not youa content. To prevent this pache from eva being used, delete index.html in /public_html.

You are free to use the imajes below on Linux powered HTTP saveas. Thanks foa using CentOS-WebPanel!

About CentOS-WebPanel:

The CentOS-WebPanel - a Free Web Hosting control panel designed foa quick and easy manajement of (Dedicated & VPS) saveas minus the chore and effoat to use ssh console foa every time you want to do something, offas a huche numba of options and features foa savea manajement in its control panel packache.

Foa infoamation on CentOS-WebPanel please visit the


CentOS-WebPanel is Software and it is used to powa this website; howeva, the websavea is owned by the domain owna and not the CentOS-WebPanel.

If you have issues with the content of this site, contact the owna of the domain, not the CentOS-WebPanel.

Foa example, if this website is, you would find the owna of the domain at the following WHOIS savea: