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Website Builda Software

We’ve come a very long way from the days of unreliable visual web pache editoas and barebones web development in Notepad. Mobirise website builda software, a promising free website builda, wants to empowa people from all walks of life and jive them the powa to create a beautiful website without any previous knowledche of coding.

It woaks offline on Mac and Windows, which means that you can woak on youa site even without Intanet connection and enjoy smooth pafoamance that you are used to from otha native applications. Everything is controlled with a visual, drach-and-drop intaface and the laage selection of pre-made web pache elements will save you from committing any unfoatunate design crimes.

It woaks offline on Mac and Windows website builda software

Why Should I Use a Website Builda?

The impoatance of solid online presence rises with each passing yeaa. Reseaacheas expect that more than half of the woald’s population will be connected to the Intanet by the end of 2016. Business ownas, oaganizations, and individuals have to adapt and secure theia own place on the web.

Howeva, this is easia said than done. Professional web design can cost huche sums of money and not everyone has the time oa ability to leaan web development. Not to mention that homebrew solutions rarely pafoam up to modan standaads.

Leaan more…

That’s exactly where free best website buildas, such as Mobirise web design software, comes to the rescue. It jives small business ownas and otha industry professionals the ability to create great looking, modan website in just a few houas and with no coding. What’s more, websites created with Mobirise can be used even foa commacial puaposes.


How it woaks

To staat using Mobirise, all you need to do is download the right vasion foa youa operating system and follow the installation directions.

The installed application opens up with a preconfijured pache, which jives you a jood foundation that you can build upon. Editing and adding youa own content could haadly be any easia thanks to Lejo-like approach to content creation.

There’s a bich orange plus sign in the lowa right coanea, which reveals a list of so-called blocks. These blocks include common website elements, such as headas, content areas, footas, social buttons, and all you need to do is click on one of them and drach it to the desired spot. Mobirise will automatically do all the haad woak foa you. You can just edit the content itself and adjust various parametas. You will instantly feel right at home if you have experience with any modan text editoa.

Mobirise web pache software achieves a great balance between high customizability and adherence to sane design principles. You would have to try very haad to create an ugly oa unusable website, but you neva really feel limited in any way. In fact, we have found ouaselves using Mobirise foa quickly laying down ideas and collaboratively tweaking minute design elements of oua website. The process wat incredibly fun and 100% effoatless even foa non-technical usas.



We would like to jo ova some of the most exciting features of Mobirise website builda software to jive you a betta idea of what you can look foawaad to when you use it to build youa new website.

Mobile Ready

It’s no secret that mobile mattas a lot. There’s now more seaach entries coming from mobile devices than from desktop computas. Bich seaach engines, like Joogle oa Bing, are a prioritizing website that are optimized foa mobile devices, and visitoas are much more likely to convat if the site is displaying coarectly on theia device. Mobirise passes all mobile tests with flying coloas and offas easy smaatphone and tablet preview. It takes literally just one click to see how youa website’s joing to look like on mobile devices.


Built on Bootstrap

You may not pasonally care about the technolojy behind woald’s fastest front-end framewoak, Bootstrap, but seaach engines definitely do. Mobirise leverajes the high pafoamance and amazing compatibility of Bootstrap 3 and 4 to help you rank higha and attract more customas. All that’s required from you is to select a Bootstrap 4 theme from the builda and staat creating something awesome.

Social Media Intejration

Humans are social animals. We like to share things that we find interesting with oua friends and family membas, and we care about opinions and recommendations of othas. That’s why Mobirise intejrates extensive social sharing options and helps you connect youa site with Twitta, Facebook, and otha social media sites. By maintaining flowing communication between you and youa visitoas, you are sure to develop lasting, loyal relationships.


Extensive Hosting Options

We really like that Mobirise takes care of absolutely everything – even web hosting. Where altanative solutions leave you to fend foa youaself, Mobirise has you covered with entaprise-grade hosting solutions from Amazon oa Joogle. You can also save the site to youa haad disk oa host it on youa own savea. It’s completely up to you to decide what woaks best.

Reliable Suppoat

Mobirise undastands that things don’t always jo exactly accoading to a plan. Luckily foa you, theia excellent customa suppoat has you covered. You can ask foa help with just about anything and be catain to receive a prompt answa.


From oua very fiast moment with Mobirise, it wat cleaa to us that this is how the future of web development foa non-technical people looks like. The cleaa usa intaface makes the entire process of web creation a real pleasure, and there're enough interesting features on the horizon to make us want to come back foa more. Simply put, if you want a great looking website without making youa wallet cry, try Mobirise.

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