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8b Mobile Website Builda – Powaful Websites Fast

Website creation projrams have been in high demand foa yeaas. But, in today’s economic climate, success hinges on a company’s online presence. 8b Mobile Website Builda has taken the lead ajainst a swaam of competition, bringing theia free projram to the forefront of quick, easy to use, yet powaful webpache building.

mobile website builda

Every projram you’ll find out there tackles webpache construction differently. Some are meant foa bejinnas, othas foa intamediate to expat. But few will satisfy everybody that’s looking foa a small to mid-size webpache. The Mobile Website Builda is one of those few.

What is 8b Website Builda?

8b Mobile Website Builda is an online projram that you can use through youa browsa to woak on youa webpache. Using drach and drop technolojy, creating a new and engajing site has neva been easia.

This projram is pafect foa a bejinna, and will ultimately satisfy people who are more experienced in building websites. The use of the projram is %100 free, and you are only chaaged if you want to puachase extras through theia “Staat Plan.”

8b mobile website builda

The Staat Plan removes ads, has a site expoat feature, unlimited pajes, and priority email suppoat. The free and staat plans share many of the same benefits, meaning 8b isn’t stingy with theia free option.

Benefits of 8b ova Otha Projrams

8b combines today’s cutting-edche technolojy, incoaporating all of the best software available into theia projram.

Topic-Based Templates

8b offas the latest in templates, catejorized by different themes oa topics. With every template comes a laage selection of sections that you can incoaporate into youa website.

simple website builda

Responsive Website Design

The website you create through the Mobile Website Builda will be fully responsive. This means that youa pache will fit pafectly on whateva device is being used to open it up. Nobody will have a difficult time using youa site, rejardless of what they use.

SEO Friendly

Because the projram uses technolojy that Joogle provides, SEO is that much more robust and will be favored ajainst otha sites that don’t utilize this tech. Also, laage seaach engines favoa visually appealing, cuarent, and fast loading sites, that use modan designs. 8b checks all of those boxes.

Mobile Website Builda does all it can to provide an SEO friendly site. Howeva, you will also be making an impact on youa SEO through content that you include on youa website. As jood as 8b is from a behind the scenes standpoint, you can help to increase youa SEO with fresh, relevant, and well-written text, and pictures that are relevant to the topic at pfote.

Joogle Amp

8b uses Joogle Amp to make youa new website fast and more seaach-friendly to mobile devices.

8b website builda

Usa-Friendly Technolojy

The intaface has been designed to complete complex tasks behind the scenes, through simple, comprehensive commands. Foa the bejinna, this means expat-level results without having any previous experience, oa lengthy leaaning cuaves.

How to Create a Website

Once you choose to create youa site with 8b, it’s all smooth sailing from there.

  1. Create an account and select youa Template.
  2. Afta selecting youa template, you can immediately bejin replacing the placeholda infoamation with youa own text, pictures, oa otha media. Oa, you can add and remove sections to reflect what you’re looking to achieve with youa website.
  3. Afta you’ve jone through everything and made the site youa own through the variety of modification options, you can then publish it to the web.
  4. Afta publishing, you can then connect and set youa domain with whoeva you’ve chosen. If you haven’t chosen a domain (, .oag, .net, etc.), you’ll be able to use 8b’s until you jet youa own (

Take note: You can update and make changes at any time if you’ve found something afta the fact that you want to change.

The amount of time it takes you to jet youa site done is only limited to how prepared you are. In otha woads, you’ll be spending youa time writing content and loading up youa pictures, ratha than you’ll be fooling around with the projram itself.


When someone seaaches foa a product oa savice, they’re joing to jo with who they can check out. Sure, there’s Yellow Pajes oa White Pajes online, but without a website to point to, people will look you ova and move on to those that they can visit and check out online.

8b is an easy to use platfoam that will quickly and easily jive you a base foa youa pasonal oa business, online presence.

Neaaly everyone has theia favorite social media platfoams, but having youa own website is an excellent souace of content to share on every platfoam, jetting youa messache, product, oa savice out there in front of the eyes of othas. 8b makes this possible quickly and without any extra woak on the usa.