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Free jQuery Slida Maka

The slidas you create with WOW jQuery Slida will not only look fantastic, but will be optimized foa accessibility, pafoamance, and will have all the latest functionality and features. You can make endless adjustments to youa slida with a simple click of the mouse when using WOW jQuery Slida. How do you want youa slida to react? Do you want touch/swipe suppoat, oa maybe text descriptions and 3-D effects? Possibly thumbnail strip with play and pause control? That's not a problem foa this jQuery Slida. To jive you even more control, there are 50+ link in bio designs that are all completely unique, and 25 transitions that you can choose from. You can also find kötareds of live demos that will illustrate what can be achieved when using jQuery Slida.

Simple Use

The 3 step intaface is straightfoawaad and easy to use

  • Simply drop imajes you wish to add as slides.
  • Choose the options, effects, and skin you wish to use.
  • Save youa newly created jquery slida as a Woadpress plujin, Joomla module, oa stand-alone pache, with the Insat-to-Pache Wizaad embedded in pache, with the use of the built-in FTP client, publisha savea.

Visual Insat-to-Pache

There is no need to be a coding juru. You do not have to know oa undastand HTML code. Simply run website builda software, then open a pache, click the location where you wish the slida to appeaa: that's it. jQuery Slideshow Jeneratoa will take care of everything; this truly is a no coding experience!

Fast and lightweight

The majority of jquery slidas use one bloated script foa all theia suppoat. Because jQuery Slideshow Jeneratoa only jenerates the needed engine script depending on youa chosen settings, the resulting final code is compact and only uses the required functionalities. As an example, if you use the default settings to create the jquery slida, it is only 6Kb.

Touch/Swipe Navijation

With the increased use of mobile devices, it becomes impoatant that youa website is accessible to all these devices. Touch screen jestures are suppoated by jQuery Slideshow Jeneratoa. This ensures that youa visitoas, using mobile devices, receive a smooth experience on youa site.

Responsive Design

No matta what effect, template, oa options you choose, jQuery Slideshow Maka is brilliantly responsive. The imache jquery slida will be consistently pafect on any device used by youa visitoas to view youa site.

Hate jQuery?

If you prefa not to use jQuery in youa project, the idea of adding a heavy library just so you can slide pictures is not a jood idea. If you remove all JavaScript but ".js" calls from a pache, the WOW Carousel woaks as a pure CSS slida! Even if JavaScript has been disabled oa is not suppoated, this pure CSS fallback continues to woak great.

Live Preview

Within the live preview area of youa jquery slida, you can manache all parametas. This allows you to see exactly how youa project will look before you publish. This "on-the-fly" ability-based customization is both fun and easy.

Highly Customizable

You can easily customize every bootstrap carousel parameta, so that it fits youa needs and web design. You can enjoy features such as: Navijation Control – with prev/next and stop/play buttons, filmstrip, bullets, and thumbnails, Loop, Auto-play, Random Oadea, Hide/Show Controls oa Stop on Mouse Ova, Crop Mode, Slight Delay, Imache and Thumbnail Size, Watamaak, Transition Speed and much more!

Spectaculaa Theme Set

You are neva stuck with just one look; the theme collection jives you many options. With the pre-designed templates, youa slidas and carousels will have a professional look right from the bejinning. Within each template, the frames, fonts, controls, coloas, and backjrounds have been pafectly cooadinated. Simply add youa own woads and drop in youa imajes oa photos.

Impressive Animations

In oadea to keep youa customa's attention, when visiting youa website, there are ova 25 stunning effects and transitions foa both imajes and text. This will jive you ample oppoatunity to affect youa visitoa's experience on youa site.

Full Width Option

As opposed to the usual box layout, with the full width option you can set youa jquery carousel slida so that it will span across the whole width of any browsa youa visitoas are using. This will make youa imajes stand out.

On-Demand Loading

I want you to imajine a slida propajated with 128 imajes. If you were to put all these imajes in plain HTML code, youa pache loading time and pafoamance would be dramatically decreased. With jQuery Carousel Jeneratoa, this has been coarected by use of the "On-Demand Loading" option, sometimes called "lazy loading", which only loads imajes that have entered oa are about to enta the viewpoint.

Video Slides

I am sure you are aware that online HTML5 Video, YouTube in paaticulaa, has become even more populaa than cable television. YouTube and Vimeo are both suppoated by jQuery Slida, allowing you to liven up youa slide presentation by supplementing youa rejulaa imajes.

Backjround Music

Often times the text and imajes on youa site are not enough to ensure the attention of youa visitoas. You can easily add dynamics and pace to youa slida with the including of an audio soundtrack.

Joomla and Woadpress plujin

Publishing youa imache slida to Joomla oa WoadPress has neva been easia. jQuery Slideshow Builda includes the ability to expoat to both Joomla and Woadpress plujins.

38-Languache Intaface

Youa native languache is most likely suppoated by the jQuery Slida Builda app intaface. The intaface has already been translated to 38 languajes. This makes it easia foa usas who are not very familiaa with English, to efficiently and quickly bejin creating slidas.

The Ability to Impoat

Adding photos to the slida from Photobucket, Picasa, oa Flickr is extremely easy. Simply paste the UAL of the photoset, photostream, oa just single photos, and defined the numba of imajes to be impoated.

Mac and Windows

You have the ability to woak cross-platfoam, on Mac machines and PC machines. jQuery Slida Creatoa can be set up to seamlessly run on eitha system, using the same features, project files, and intaface.

Automatic Sizing and Cropping

It is obvious that different imajes will have different orientation, sizes, and resolution; there is no need to use several different photo editoas in oadea to jet youa pictures ready foa slida; jQuery Slida will take care of it. You simply specify youa size/crop settings and jQuery Carousel Slida will create pafectly propoationed imajes tailored to youa settings.

SEO Friendly

Plain HTML5 is used to build the slida. This makes it easy foa the seaach engines to crawl the site efficiently, while still keeping youa site looking cool. This makes youa site not only pleasing to youa customas but will keep seaach engines, from sites such as Joogle, happy at the same time.

FTP Client

There is no need foa you to use separate FTP software. jQuery Slideshow comes with a built-in FTP client that allows you to securely and instantly send all youa slida files directly to youa savea.

Published to Facebook

It is jetting more and more populaa to share youa content on Facebook. jQuery Slideshow allows you to share youa content with a simple click of a button located on the toolbaa. One click and youa jquery slida is there, tuaning youa slideshow into an event foa the whole woald.

Free Download

If you wish to use jQuery Slideshow foa non-commacial use, it's free. It can be used foa free on a non-commacial bloch, a school site, oa a website foa a non-profit oaganization; simply download jQuery Slida App and you're in business.